What seniors need to know
about thyroid health

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You can't always be there.
But we can.

Life at Westside Terrace

Westside Terrace Healthcare

US News Top Rated Nursing Home
CMS 5 Star Rated Facility

We give the seniors the
love they deserve.


We enrich the lives of your
loved ones with kindness and joy!

Care Services

Where there is love,
there is life!

Medical Services

Compassion is at the heart of our care.

Care Services
Medical Services
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Our Commitment

Our facility is more than a business, it is a commitment to the people and community we serve. Westside Terrace Healthcare is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and daily experiences for all of our residents. We provide exceptional care to our resident community and their families by meeting their personalized medical and emotional needs.

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We've been there. We understand.

We strive to be diligent in upholding the highest professional standards while making our residents feel at home. We are committed to providing compassionate care that improves the lives of those we serve and strengthens our community.