Tabitha Isner visits nursing home residents in Dothan

DOTHAN, Alabama – During a campaign trail stop in Dothan today, Tabitha Isner met with residents at Westside Terrace Healthcare. The long-term care facility hosted a visit with the U.S. Congressional candidate to highlight healthcare and issues impacting the elderly and disabled. Isner, who is running for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District, spoke with residents, staff and families about the importance of taking care of the nation’s seniors, reducing prescription drug prices, and preserving Medicare and Social Security.

“Our seniors carry the wisdom of our society,” Isner said. “It’s very important that we keep our promises to seniors. We promised that because they have given so much to us that we will take care of them. They trusted that we would keep our promises.”

Administrator Kristie Hughes said the event was part of the facility’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that their residents’ voices are heard and their concerns are known. She also said nursing homes themselves are vibrant communities where residents are still involved in society.

“Sometimes, I believe that people forget that nursing home residents are very civically-minded and still engage in the political process,” Hughes said. “Our residents care deeply about the issues that impact them and this was a chance for them to be heard.”

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